Super Simple Gifts That Mean So Much

102I truly believe that when giving a gift, it is the thought that counts. This past Holiday Season (a.k.a. Christmas) I received a couple of gifts that reminded me that it IS “the thought that counts”. One of the “gifts” was an e-card from a friend.

An e-card from a friend may not seem like such a big deal especially since it was from one of those FREE email card websites but consider this, the e-card was sent from a woman I met online who happens to live in India who happens to be a Hindu. Suddenly, this gift, this simple e-card, took on a whole new meaning as far as I was concerned. She sent me an e-card with the audio of Silver Bells. How Cool Is That!

Okay, I had to run to the tissue box. A simple card reduced me to tears. I’m not saying that every gift you give should bring the recipient to tears, but the best gifts come from the heart and from the soul.

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